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Natural gas resources

Natural gas activities

Check out the bonus learning activities in your Natural Gas FUN-damentals & Safety guide and CD. Here is a sample of activities and experiments:

Answers to Picture Search, Rebus and Solve It activities in Natural Gas Basics CD.

Vectren resources

Side tips

Throughout the site you will see text encased in pipe systems, each signifying a different type of information and knowledge bits. Shown below are examples of all these four types: Fact finder, Vectren fact, Fun todo, and Safety tip:

Fact finder

Fact Finders are questions designed to help you learn about natural gas and electricity safety through a clickable quizzing system. How do you find an answer to the fact finder question? Click on; click off.

Congratulations! You now know how to find answers to any other Fact Finder questions.

Click the Fact Finder box a second time to close it.

Vectren fact

Vectren facts highlight a few of the many ways Vectren provides energy delivery services to its customers.

Fun todo

Fun to Do's are downloadable PDF activity sheets you can download, print, and complete with a parent.

Safety tip

Safety tips outline simple things you can do at home to be an Energy Safe Kid.